Welcome to Good Self,
we’re a multidisciplinary collaborative health clinic

We help you in a collaborative, progressive way to optimise your health through personalised movement, treatment and wellbeing principles.


Movement for every-body


GoodSelf Integrated Health Kyneton Osteopath pregnancy

We provide a genuine, honest approach to getting you better.

With simple techniques but a thorough understanding of you we’re able to guide you to living better, naturally.

“The Good Self team are all focused on helping you as client better yourself and feel better overall. Their integrated approach covers all bases. Nothing but love and praise for them”
– Chris

GoodSelf Integrated Health Kyneton Pilates
GoodSelf Integrated Health Kyneton Osteopathy session

“The Good Self team are great at what they do and really care. I’ve never been to a treatment or wellbeing place before that really connects and offers such a personalised, holistic approach”
– Greer

Let’s get you started!

Good Self Ingegrated Health pain points

We dive deep into understanding your pain points

Our practitioners take the time to get to know you, in person, to gain a deeper understanding of you and your specific health concerns.

Good Self Ingegrated Health personalised plan

A personalised plan for recovery and relief

We optimise your health by using the foundations of wellness to guide us in tailoring treatments plans that address various aspects of your health – including hands-on structural care, movement prescription, nutrition & stress management.

Good Self Ingegrated Health daily ritual

We love to see you get better and thrive!

Make wellness part of your daily ritual. See your practitioner for treatment, join a Pilates class and become ‘well’ with the support of your community.

Clinical Pilates / Exercise classes
to support hands-on care