Does The Secret Of Beating Insomnia Reside In Your Gut?

Does The Secret Of Beating Insomnia Reside In Your Gut?

We’ve all experienced it. Had a deliciously good time trying out every little scrap of food at a new restaurant we’ve been dying to check out. Our belly is full and our heart’s content, but when we try and hit the hay we just can’t switch off. Yep, it makes you mad.
The next thing you know, it’s 6am and you FINALLY feel like you could bliss out. Seriously.
Maybe it was something we ate?
Our gut plays a major part in our ability to not only relax and unwind, but also inĀ our ability to experience restful sleep. There are chemicals that are produced in our gut like serotonin and gaba that are super important messengers that tell our brain to start shutting down and preparing to nod off.. They also contribute to us being able to stay asleep.

These chemicals can be knocked off their perch at different times, but one common cause is that we have eaten the the wrong foods that can very quickly change the terrain down there and affect our neurotransmitter production and function. Everyone’s different, but some common inflammatory foods are preservatives, dairy products, gluten and sugar. An overdose of these can send our gut into a spin and tell our brain that we’d rather be partying all night than sleeping.

Check out this article for a few tips on whipping your gut back into shape and improving your sleep through repairing the communication channels to our brain.

At Goof Self we can check up on your gut health and the level of inflammation or dysfunction that may be contributing to insomnia and stress. We use functional testing to find out exactly what’s happening for you and address any abnormalities by removing dietary triggers, increasing pre-biotic foods and utilising therapeutic probiotic therapy.

Book in for our Collaborative Care session to have support in figuring out how to restore your sleep.

Does the Secret to Beating Insomnia Reside in Your Gut?


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