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Clementine Carnus


Headaches • Chronic Pain • Leg, Knee & Ankle Pain • Sports Injuries Clementine graduated from RMIT University in Melbourne in 2014 with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Complementary Medicine) and a Masters of Osteopathy.  She started studying Osteopathy in France, before moving to Australia and completing her studies in Melbourne. She went on to work in Brisbane, Sydney and New Zealand before returning to Melbourne for good this year. She was particularly drawn to osteopathy because of its ‘deep respect of the body’s innate tendency to self-heal and regulate.’ She is passionate about this aspect of osteopathy and truly believes osteopathy has something unique to bring to healthcare. Clementine believes that there is ‘no formula to a certain diagnosis – it’s all about the person and where they’re at in life.’ Clementine enjoys treating a wide variety of patients. She has a particular interest in treating complex lower extremity problems, sporting injuries, chronic or persistent pain as well as supporting women throughout all stages of life. She uses a variety of indirect and structural techniques and has done further training in Cranial Osteopathy and Biodynamics. She is endeavouring to further her training in paediatric osteopathy as well as women’s health and looks forward to the opportunity to learn from and support the community of Kyneton in this way.  As a long-time yoga practitioner, Clementine has a deep understanding of the role played by the mind and emotions in health and dis-ease. She strongly believes that empowering the patient to be active in their recovery is key to their journey towards health. Increased awareness and understanding of one’s body can be achieved through education, mindful movement, conscious breathing and nutrition, all things vital to our health. Health is not merely the absence of disease, so there is always more we can do. Clementine takes care of her own health by practicing yoga, meditation and conscious breath work.

Osteopath; B.App.Sci.(Comp Med), M. Osteopathy

Sonya Galenson


Women’s Health • Student acupuncturist • Back & Neck Pain Sonya’s early passion for anatomy and the biomechanics of the body has lead her through a career working alongside GPs, physiotherapists, psychologists, podiatrists, pilates/yoga/barre instructors and personal trainers. Having worked both in Melbourne and Adelaide she loves treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions from work related strains, spinal pain to gym injuries. Since returning to Melbourne in 2014 an interest in women’s heath, pregnancy and chronic pelvic pain issues has seen Sonya reach out for more understanding in this complex area. Travelling to the US to complete studies in pelvic floor rehabilitation, working at Inform Physiotherapy (Women’s and Men’s Health) in Melbourne and studying Acupuncture at RMIT has solidified her passion in this field and she never stops learning. Sonya has an understanding, supportive and practical approach to her treatment. A firm believer that everyone is different, and she tailors her plan for each and every individual. Sonya is registered health practitioner with AHPRA and a member of the Australian Osteopathic Association. Sonya loves her food, a good hike in the bush, and camping under the stars. Oh, and her spirit animal is a wombat.

Osteopath; B.App.Sci.(Comp Med), M. Osteopathy, Herman and Wallace Pelvic floor Certificate Level 1,2A,2B. Master of Acupuncture RMIT Student.

Kate Cawley


Women’s Health • Digestion • Skin Health Kate is a university qualified naturopath who has been curious about living a healthy life and discovering natural approaches to getting well since her childhood. Kate’s enthusiasm and drive to learn more about holistic health practices and systems lead to her working at one of Australia’s leading natural medicine companies. It was while working with hundreds of naturopaths, nutritionists and integrative GPs’ across Adelaide and Melbourne that Kate has been able to immerse herself in learning the principles and practices of functional medicine that have elevated her clinical skills. She firmly believes in preventative medicine and self care practices that nourish the mind and body. Kate has had various experiences in the natural medicine industry over the past 14 years and has developed a strong interest and passion for helping people with mood disorders, weight gain and digestive complaints. How Kate gets the best results for her patients: Kate uses coaching techniques, clinical testing and tailored treatment plans and a discovery system to understand the underlying causes of health dysfunction. Kate is dedicated to learning and updating her understanding of the interconnectedness of the body by continuing to learn from mentors and leaders in the natural medicine industry. Kate’s dream is for natural medicine to be front of mind, accepted and accessible and for preventative medicine, holistic healthcare to reduce the incidence of chronic lifestyle diseases.  Kate loves the challenge of unravelling patient’s health concerns and and helping patient’s to understand why they’ve become unwell so that they can experience life happily. If you want to know more about Kate, just ask her! But in case you’re looking for conversation starts – she loves a good coffee, the arts, music, lifting weights and trail running. Qualifications:  Ad. Dip Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine) Full Member of Complementary Medicine Association

Tash Tobin


•Background in dance •Sports and Work related injury • Holistic

Tash is a Kyneton local, growing up in the area and spending lots of her childhood and into adult years helping her Dad run the family farm. After finishing her schooling Tash relocated to Melbourne where she undertook two years of very intensive and gruelling Dance training at one of the top full time Dance courses at Patrick Studios Australia.
Tash works with dancers and professional artists
Upon graduating and potentially delving into the world of live entertainment and the performing arts, Tash saw a need for practitioners that understood the dancers’ body and knew the expectations professional artists have for wellbeing. With this in mind Tash took a year to complete a Diploma of Remedial Massage in the hope that one day she would be able to combine her clinical knowledge with her dance knowledge. At this stage Tash was working for a local dance school teaching and coaching dance in all ages.
A holistic approach
Whilst practising in a multimodality clinic working along side physiotherapist, chiropractors, myotherapist and naturopaths Tash has worked very closely to co-mange her clients and ensure they were getting holistic treatment.
Tash has also had a Trainers position with Kyneton Football and Netball club and is well equipped to work with and help manage sports and work related injuries.
Tash completed a Cert IV in Pilates as this has always been an important component to her own training and could see the need for this type of exercise for a majority of her clients. She has a passion for movement and living a fit and active lifestyle. You will find yourself feeding off her enthusiastic and positive energy whenever she is around. Tash’s favourite way to spend the weekends is water skiing with her younger brother, taking dance classes in the city or going on camping trips with her friends and family.

Qualifications: Cert IV in Pilates & Diploma of Remedial Massage