COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements 2022

Our practitioners:

All of our practitioners are fully vaccinated in-line with direction from the Department of Health and Human Services. All practitioners at Good Self are viewed as Health Care service providers in Victoria and therefore have mandatory vaccination requirements

For clients:

Please note that to be able to use the Infrared Sauna, Pilates classes and see our Kinesiologist you must provide evidence of full-vaccination.

You do not need to provide evidence of vaccination if you are here for Osteopathy, Myotherapy, Massage or Naturopathy.

It is still mandatory in Victoria to wear masks indoors.
If you do not have a mask we can provide you with one.
You may be able to take off your mask during treatment in discussion with your practitioner.

Social distancing
We adhere to all density limits in both our Clinic and Studio spaces and ensure that there is adequate air-flow to help reduce incidence of COVID-19 in our work place.

We have designated stations for applying hand sanitiser and routinely clean highly touched surfaces to ensure a high standard of cleanliness. We use TGA approved cleaning products where possible (sometimes this isn’t possible if the material being cleaned can become damaged).

We also ask that clients bring their own towels to Pilates classes and work together with us in wiping down equipment post-class.

As always if you are ill, please refrain from coming along to Pilates or visiting your practitioner, especially if you have upper respiratory symptoms.