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Good Self Integrated Health Infrared Sauna

Our private infrared sauna room is set up with a state-of-the-art Clear Light infrared sauna from their Sanctuary Series. These saunas are beautifully built, spacious and are lined with non-toxic organic cedar-wood, combining a traditional feel with modern therapeutics.

What do infrared saunas help with?

Sun-light is one of the most powerful natural producers of infrared heat however prolonged exposure to UV light is damaging. An Infrared Sauna produces the same type of heat as the sun but omits three types of infrared (near, mid and far) allowing heat to actually penetrate through the skin and into the cells of the body.

Heating the body from within induces a natural fever and sweat! This is the body’s natural way of increasing immune function, balancing the nervous system, improving skin healing and detoxifying nasties, like plastic and environmental toxins.

45 Minutes: $45

Infrared Sauna FAQ
What’s the difference between a traditional sauna and an infrared sauna?

A traditional sauna produces something called ‘convection’ heat, generated from hot stones or fire and along with this a lot of steam. This method of heating just heats up the space in a room, not the body.

Infrared sauna creates radiated heat, which is able to penetrate the skin and therefore the cells of the body. You’ll notice that you can sit in an infrared sauna much longer than a traditional sauna, because the heat is less intense (especially in the beginning). Sitting in the sauna longer means that you get more of the benefits like improved sleep, stress reduction, glowing skin and even weight loss.

How to best experience infrared

Start preparing for your session throughout the day by drinking at least 2L of filtered water or herbal tea – this will help keep you hydrated and ensure that you are able to get maximum benefits while enduring the heat.

You are welcome to wear your bathers or nothing! If you choose to bare all, just know that you are in a private space and we recommend sitting on a towel for comfort.

Please bring extra towels if you like to lie down, they are great rolled up as pillows.

Your session will go for 45 minutes, during that time recommend sipping water, listening to a meditation or sound healing and really aiming to switch off. Try out the different colour settings on the LED light in the ceiling of the box.

Your session should feel warm and you should sweat, but it shouldn’t be unbearable. In fact, the sweet spot is tolerating between 50-60 degrees and 30 minutes. If you feel light headed or uncomfortable, take a break, sip some water and turn the temperature down to a more tolerable setting.

Before and after is a good time to slip into the adjacent shower. Having a cold shower following your session is a great way to solidify your detoxification and honestly, just make you feel great.

Massage + Infrared Sauna = a very good time

Massage + Infrared Sauna are the ultimate relaxation, sleep inducing and muscle recovery dream-team.

Pair them up together for so many reasons!

We couldn’t think of a better escape, available at any time right here in Kyneton.

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