Massage Kyneton

Choose a massage experience in Kyneton.

Holistic, personalised massages that nurture you

Our Kyneton massage offerings are created to ensure a holistic, mindful experience. Our massage treatment are aimed to elevate your mood and tune in to your specific imbalances. We believe that having a massage is a special ritual that supports your mind and body. We are here to get your body out of tangles in a stress free, natural and soothing environment designed to truly focus on you.

Our massage therapists can collaborate with our in-house Osteopath for specific injury recovery or rehabilitation. Health fund rebates are available for massage Kyneton.

Holistic Rituals for Everyday Life

At Good Self we aim to provide natural and personalised care throughout our carefully curated massage offerings. Our therapists provide an experience that starts with identifying your personal needs. They work with a number of natural tools, including aromatherapy principles and botanical hot compresses to restore a sense of calm and address tired muscles.

Our massages are the perfect blend between a clinical assessment and a therapeutic, relation massage. Our therapists are trained as remedial therapists which means that they are able to treat underlying conditions, but also leave you feeling as though your nervous system has been re-set and sed you off into recovery mode.


45 /60 MINUTES $85/ $102

Improve muscular performance and restore over-all balance. A remedial massage targets the deeper elements driving pain and discomfort. Includes a specific look-in at your tendons, fascia and ligaments to improve body alignment and recovery.


60 MINUTES $102

A safe and supportive massage designed for new mothers to be after the first trimester. A gentle and relaxing approach to balancing the nervous system. Provides specific attention to hips, lower back, neck and shoulders.

60 / 90 MINUTES $102 / $150

A truly unwinding, peaceful therapeutic massage using natural essential oils selected specifically for your needs. Using a combination of Swedish massage and Aromatherapy Massage philosophy enjoy some quiet time to yourself while your therapist works to reduce stress related tension.  Balance and harmonise the whole body and mind.