Meet the team

Good Self Integrated Health Team Laurence Garneau laughing

Laurence Garneau (she/her)

Osteopath + Pilates

The first thing you’ll notice about Laurence is her delightful French-Canadian accent! Laurence traveled to Australia from Quebec and has never left our beautiful shores.

Laurence studied Osteopathy in Melbourne at RMIT, something she jumped into because she is super passionate about how Osteopathy can truly change people’s lives. She’s into ‘all things wellness’ and believes that the human body is dynamic and approaches her treatments with a holistic lens addressing the physical, mental and emotional aspects to wellbeing.

Laurence believes that ‘the body is our greatest messenger and that we need to tap in and listen to it more often.’

Talk to Laurence more about her fav food lasagne, her Golden Retriever Maple or her latest fantasy book read!


  • BSc of Health Science/BSc of Applied Science, Osteopathy
  • BSc of Biology Laval University, Canada
  • Postgraduate study in Clinical Pilates with The Movement Refinery

Shae Klemke (she/her)


Shae has been working as a Physiotherapist in a number of different capacities since graduating with a Bachelor of Health Science and Masters of Physiotherapy in 2013. Shae’s most recent roles have seen her working with NDIS clients with varying physical and psychological disabilities as well as passionately working with elderly patients through home care packages.

Shae is well informed and experienced and has a passion for helping over 50’s to move better and age well and mostly recently working with pre and post natal patients at Melbourne Pregnancy and Pelvic Physio.

Pre and post natal services:

  • Subjective assessment of pelvic floor function, ability to recognise if any issues and refer on to a specialist pelvic floor physio as required
  • External pelvic floor function examination, via real-time ultrasound, with general advice and education able to be provided,
  • Pre and postnatal abdominal wall assessments and rehab
  • Pre and post natal exercise prescription, and assessment/management of musculoskeletal issues arising pre and postnatally

Shae is additionally qualified as a Yoga teacher and is a Clinical Pilates / Exercise instructor and will be offering hands-on physiotherapy treatment in addition to facilitating Clinical Pilates/Exercise group classes and private 1:1 sessions to patients here at Good Self.

Good Self Integrative Health Team - Shae Klemke
Anna Webb

Anna Webb (she/her)

Remedial Massage Therapist

Anna (a Scorpio – look out) has been working with bodies since 2013 after a career change from working in the vineyards. She started out working in a lux day spa in New Zealand before completing her Remedial Massage qualifications and most recently providing massage to aged individuals throughout Victoria.

Anna is all about balance for the mind and body and has even recently undertaken further training in meditation – nice!

Anna has a holistic approach to her body work and is passionate about learning the complexities of the human body in how to unravel chronic pain, nervous system dysregulation and in turn improve mobility through massage.


  • Diploma of Remedial Massage
  • Cert 4 Relaxation Massage
  • Diploma in Health Sciences – Massage Therapy
  • Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation

Sonya Galenson (she/her)

Co-Founder, Senior Osteopath + Pilates

With a passion for women’s health and a background in pelvic floor rehabilitation (she even traveled to the States to absorb more about how to work in this technical area) Sonya loves learning about anatomy and the biomechanics of the body. She is your go-to for complex body injuries and work related injury and she’s got a keen interest in prevention of aged related issues such as Osteoporosis.

Sonya has her ‘serious’ hat on most days because she’s just so invested in getting you better. She’s the kind of practitioner and person, who won’t stop ‘til the job is done and is a firm believer that every-body is different and that listening is key to really getting to the bottom of breaking the cycle of chronic pain.

You can chat to Sonya about what’s hot in real estate in the Macedon Ranges, her recent camper-van conversion and the best eats across Victoria.


  • Osteopath; B.App.Sci.(Comp Med), M. Osteopathy
  • Herman and Wallace Pelvic floor Certificate Level 1,2A,2B
  • Continued education in Clinical Pilates and Exercise with Polestar Pilates

For beginners, we offer a Clinical Exercise Starter Pack to get the Pilates party started.

Good Self Integrated Health Team Sonya Galenson laughing
Good Self Integrative Health Team Georgie Roe

Georgie Roe (she/her)

Clinical Myotherapist + Pilates

Georgie was introduced to the health industry in 2016 when she became a personal trainer. She’s worked in gyms creating both 1:1 and group exercise sessions where she shares her love of movement.

Her goal as a Clinical Myotherapist is to help people become proactive in achieving optimum health and wellness. Georgie passionately believes in a combination of active (active) and passive (hands-on) treatment for best results.

‘It is never too late to set new goals and make changes – whether goals are related to pain, strength, or function.’

On a personal note, Georgie lives in Castlemaine with her partner and her six horses!! She loves a sweet potato gnocchi cook up and is inspired by her Mum, who has taught her that anything is achievable if you put your mind to it.


  • Bachelor of HSc (Clinical Myotherapy)
  • Cert 3&4 in Fitness
  • Yoga teacher training
  • Postgraduate study in Clinical Pilates with The Movement Refinery

Emily Chew (she/her)

Osteopath + Pilates

Emily had developed an early interest in how the human body works and functions since playing sports growing up. However, what got her into Osteopathy was when she got a hip injury from a nasty hiking trip as a complete amateur (ask her all about it).

She enjoys treating all walks of life and has treated a range of different musculoskeletal injuries from head to toe including joint injuries, tendinopathies, spinal injuries, pregnancy-related complaints, headaches, and migraines. Through the years, she has developed a keen interest in women’s health and pregnancy. She enjoys being able to make a difference, and be part of someone’s pregnancy journey and beyond.

What drives Emily in her treatment approach is the ability to listen to and understand each individual’s needs and motivations. This approach allows her to individualise and develop a treatment plan to achieve their goals through a balance between education, hands-on therapy, and exercises.

Emily has completed a level 1 myofasical dry needling & cupping course to incorporate into her treatment plans. Additionally, she had also volunteered at the Mordialloc football club to assist in helping athletes in their recovery. Emily is a registered health practitioner with AHPRA and a member of the Australian Osteopathic Association.

On quiet restorative days at home, she loves playing video games, going to the gym, reading a good book, and journaling. On the flip side, she also loves catching up with family and friends, eating out, hiking in some bush, or going to a gig!


  • Osteopath; B.App. Sc. (Osteopathy)
  • Level 1 Myofascial dry needling & cupping
Good Self Integrative Health Team Emily Chew
Good Self Integrative Health Team Maggie Huang

Maggie Huang (she/her)

Graduate Osteopath

Maggie’s lifelong involvement in sports and curiosity in the human body sparked her keen interest in studying Osteopathy. She enjoys combining her love for helping people achieve optimal performance, with the grounding nature of human interaction and community care through the profession of Osteopathy.

Maggie finished her studies at RMIT in 2023, however has been chipping away at becoming an Osteopath for many years and got very promising feedback from clients during her placement hours at Good Self in early 2023.

Maggie enjoys addressing sports related injuries but she’s also passionate about being a guiding light in helping people achieve long-term health and optimal performance through exercise rehabilitation. Maggie blends evidence-based hands-on care with a collaborative and educational approach and is committed to providing care to diverse communities.

Personally, Maggie is a horsey individual and loves taking care of her horse, Tom who lives in Gisborne. She’s also great on the basketball court and is into rock climbing! You might see her scaling a wall in the Grampians from time to time.


  • B HSc /B. App. Sci. (Osteopathy)

Kate Cawley (she/her)

Co-Founder, Clinic Manager, Naturopath & Massage Therapist

Kate has been holding her own in the wellness industry since 2004 when she finished up her studies in Herbal Medicine and Naturopathic Nutrition in little old Adelaide. She’s got a background as a sales manager, curiosity about human health and in living an active and ‘naturally’ minded life.

Kate has a few hats on at Good Self. During the day, she runs our busy clinic and has set up systems that help to operate the Pilates studio.

When Kate is in-clinic seeing clients about their health, she draws on the principles of ‘functional’ medicine and Naturopathic principles to help people through food, nutrition, lifestyle approaches and herbal medicine to find wellness.

Kate can also do massage, something that she’s re-connected with in recent times, feeling the pull to help people recover through a tactile approach.

Chat to Kate about her new-found love of triathlon, music, renovations and design and entrepreneurship.


  • Ad.Dip Western Herbal Medicine
  • Ad. Dip Naturopathy
  • BHSc (Comp. Med)
  • Certificate in Swedish Body Massage
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage
Good Self Integrated Health Team Kate Cawley laughing
Good Self Integrative Health Team Lucie

Lucie (she/her)

Client Experience & Admin

You’ll meet Lucie at our front desk and will absolutely notice her calming empathetic and supportive attitude towards her work and everyone around Good Self!

Lucie not only meets and greets clients in person but she is also one of the real humans answering your questions online via the numerous ways you can get in touch with us.

Lucie, is a horse loving Virgo who moved to greener pastures from Melbourne a few years ago with her partner, a talented furniture designer & maker.

As well as looking after the administration side of things here at Good Self, Lucie spends her days off with her horses and being arty. Go check out her amazing work!

And, Lucie’s tip for good health is to get enough sleep. Simple and true.