Myotherapy Kyneton

Why see a Myotherapist?

All sorts of people see a Myotherapist, but typically they’re skilled in sorting out:

Chronic back pain + Shoulder pain + Neck pain + Jaw pain  and ‘clicking’ + Migraines 

And they’ll do this using evidence-based practices as well as in collaboration with an Osteopath or Physiotherapist. 

Myotherapists are dedicated to long-term results in helping to break the cycle of  acute & chronic pain.

See a Myotherapist in Kyneton.

Integrative, evidence-based and personalised treatment and care plans for acute and chronic pain

Myotherapy is a healthcare system that helps with musculoskeletal pain,  specifically myofacial pain.  Your Myotherapist is highly skilled and trained in the assessment, treatment and education of a wide-range of chronic and acute pain conditions. 

Treatment will be similar to that of  Remedial Massage but in addition a Myotherapist is able to provide you with a thorough analysis of your current health through functional testing as well as additional evidence-based techniques to help relieve pain and promote healing. They’re big on dry-needling! 

From there they’ll typically create a personalised plan for you that includes rehabilitation, self care and hands-on treatment.