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What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a form of manual-therapy that’s based on the philosophy that body parts work together, rather than separately in providing their full function. This means that Osteopaths seek to understand you and the core drivers that have set you up with pain or an unresolved injury.

What does an Osteopath do?

When you come in for a session an Osteopath will spend time in your first sessions together unravelling all the details of your health concerns, they’ll then look at your body through a biomechanical lense (fancy) and then get their trusty hands into the right spots.

They’ll draw on a variety of techniques such as soft tissue, joint mobilisation, exercise prescription, dry needling and stretching.

Depending on what’s going on, they might recommend particular types of exercise, like Clinical Pilates / Exercise as a further support to your recovery and wellbeing.

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In Australia Osteopaths are degree qualified health professionals and are recognised as primary healthcare practitioners due to their extensive five years of training in anatomy and physiology, pathology, medical diagnosis and osteopathic-specific techniques.

At Good Self we’re geared up to also provide care for those on Medicare Enhanced Primary Care schemes as well as WorkSafe, TAC and NDIS.

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Initial consultation: $135

Standard Follow up: $95

Osteopathy Extended (45 mins) $135

Clinical Pilates Starter Pack: $260

Clinical Pilates / Exercise

Clinical Pilates/Exercise sessions that are designed to help reduce pain, build strength after an injury and to help people age well.

Clinical Pilates is ‘active’ therapy, because we know that movement is key to recovery!

Our Osteopaths are also qualified in Clinical Pilates / Exercise and in addition to providing hands-on care, create personalised exercise programs and run group Clinical Pilates / Exercise classes in our beautiful Pilates Studio.

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As one of the co-owners of Good Self, Sonya leads our practitioner team following 10 years of Clinical experience across Victoria working with all sorts of people in in all sorts of clinics!

She particularly leans towards getting to the bottom of complex and chronic issues, often where nothing else has helped in the past. Sonya has an empathetic and curious nature and wants nothing more than to help people who can’t help themselves.


The first thing you’ll notice about Laurence is her delightful french-Canadian accent! Laurence traveled to Australia from Quebec and has never left our beautiful shores.

Laurence studied Osteopathy in Melbourne at RMIT, something she jumped into because she is super passionate about how Osteopathy can truly change people’s lives. She’s into ‘all things wellness’ and believes that the human body is dynamic and approaches her treatments with a holistic lense addressing the physical, mental and emotional aspects to wellbeing.

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