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Reformer Pilates classes will be your jam if you are looking general fitness sessions that are dynamic and focus on providing you with the form need to have beautiful posture, strong and able muscles and coordination in your everyday body movements.

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All ability levels are welcome to this class where you will experience a full body workout aligned with the principles of Pilates – posture, strength, flexibility and balance. There are minimal rests in this class and you’ll make full use of the reformer itself with thorough instruction. Designed to complement your daily Pilates practice allowing for technical practice combined with a cardio workout


A more advanced class that’s faster paced with few breaks to ensure a high level of cardio intensity. You’ll work up a sweat while building on the fundamentals of Pilates. Each class will be different!  You will be offered different variations and intensity levels so that you’ll always be challenging yourself.

Aimed at netballers, footballers or sports people looking to reduce pain and improve flexibility.


Align classes are geared towards one of the fundamentals of Pilates; ‘alignment of the spine’. Working through a series of exercises on the reformer and mat while focusing on the position of the spine through movement on small apparatus to assist in achieving more balanced and stronger spine.


These classes are facilitated with similar principles of the Align class in supporting ‘proper alignment of the spine’ however this specific class is dedicated to new mothers or pregnant women and has been specifically designed for proper safety and awareness of target areas that reflect the nature of the pregnancy (for example hip instability and pelvic pain).

You don’t need to be pregnant to join in of course, but keep in mind that some of the usual Align movements may be modified slightly.

if you are pregnant then these classes are safe up to full term so long as you have previously done Pilates or other forms of exercise and are in good health.