Clinical Pilates Kyneton

At Good Self with our Clinical Pilates team we help individuals with back pain, pregnancy related pain, injury rehabilitation and healthy ageing.

 Clinical Pilates is what we call ‘active therapy’.

It is a type of movement system that hones in on your own specific body niggles (no matter how big or small) and improves:

strength • mobility • stability • coordination • balance

People feel nurtured and understood as they work closely with a senior instructor in small groups. Our instructor works with our Osteopath to facilitate a guided plan and takes you through the movements to help reconstruct and optimise your body at a pace that you set. Clinical Pilates classes will feel like you have your own personal coach.

Clinical Pilates has also been shown to help in the second-half of pregnancy, help prepare for labour and improve recovery following child-birth and has our clients often tell us that their back pain is managed ‘better than ever.’

Lower Back Pain
Neck Pain
Pre and Post Natal (Pregnancy)
Prevention of Osteoporosis (bone thinning)
Running Injuries
Hip and Knee Pain
Post Operative Rehabilitation 
Postural pain and dysfunction
Headaches and migraines
Chronic strains and sprains
Hip impingement and Labral injuries
Rotator cuff injury
Post operative rehabilitation
Shoulder Pain

$249 Starter Pack Includes:

Clinical Assessment

Δ Personal consultation with our Osteopath

Δ 360 evaluation of your musculoskeletal health

Δ Determine goals and set-up your own unique step-by-step plan

*Health fund rebates may apply to this consultation

1:1 Clinical Pilates Private Session

Δ The ‘how-to’ of your Clinical Pilates program

Δ 60 minute 1:1 session with our Senior Pilates Instructor

Δ First steps in guiding you on the proper technique based on your goals and needs

4:1 Group Class

Δ Your first Clinical Pilates class on us.


Δ 12 week goal review with our Osteopath

Δ Check on your results and determine next steps