Clinical Pilates / Exercise

Clinical Pilates is ‘active’ therapy – we believe movement is key to recovery!

We create personalised clinical exercise programs and run small group Clinical Pilates / Exercise classes that are designed to help reduce pain, build up strength, rehab an injury and help people to age well.

Good Self Integrated Health Clinical Pilates practitioner led

What is Clinical Pilates / Exercise?

We believe in a modern approach to pain management, drawing on the science that exercise and movement helps to load the musculoskeletal tissues, creating positive change.

We use Clinical Pilates principles in combination with skilled rehab strategies with a qualified allied health practitioner.

We want to help you find long term strategies to take control of your physical health.

Get started

Step 1

Comprehensive Assessment with a Practitioner

Here we’ll find out about your niggles and how you currently move your body so that we can assess your biomechanical potential.

Step 2

Private 1:1 with your Practitioner

Get into our Pilates Studio where you’ll be shown how to move using our equipment and your own body!

Step 3

Together with your practitioner you’ll be guided into either Studio Reformer Pilates or Clinical Pilates / Exercise classes weekly or bi-weekly.

Tailored 2:1 + 3:1 group sessions

All of our small group exercise sessions are guided and coached by qualified and experienced practitioners.

Private 1:1 sessions

Private 1:1 Pilates sessions can be booked in to work around your schedule and best for those who prefer to work solo and feel that they need a little bit more attention and guidance.

Good Self Integrated Health Clinical Pilates session 7
Good Self Integrated Health Clinical Pilates session


Starter Pack: $260**

Private 1:1 Clinical Exercise Session $125**

2:1 Clinical Pilates:
$65 (on subscription) / $70 casual

3:1 Clinical Pilates:
$47 (on subscription) / $50 casual

** Private health rebates are available

Pilates for pain management and injury recovery

Our practitioners will administer tailored exercise to improve your biomechanics and move you along an appropriate rehabilitation path addressing things like lower back pain, hip pain, pain associated with Osteoarthritis. 

Good Self Integrated Health Clinical Pilates session

Pilates for Pregnancy

We offer pregnancy-specific guidance through Clinical Pilates / Exercise to help pregnant women feel more body aware, prepare for labor and avoid pain associated with pregnancy.

For new Mums, we can help with recovery, building strength & creating a healthy, balanced body. All of our Clinical Pilates / Exercise practitioners are experienced in helping pregnancy and postpartum related pain.

If you are newly pregnant or looking to do exercise following childbirth you can get started with our Clinical Exercise Starter Pack.

Pilates for Healthy Ageing

Our small group Clinical Pilates / Exercise classes feel personalised and supportive. We are passionate about creating Clinical Pilates / Exercise based programs that help people to move better, reduce pain, prevent age-related falls and injury.

Working in small groups, gives you private access to your Practitioner, which means we can coach you in developing your Pilates technique through personal instruction.

We pair you up with other healthy, friendly people who are also motivated to live life well!

Good Self Integrated Health Clinical Pilates session
Good Self Integrated Health Clinical Pilates session

Seeing another health practitioner?

We love collaborating with other practitioners in helping you to get your body back on track. We can get you straight into classes without the need for an additional assessment with the help of your practitioner. Referral letters (or emails) are always welcome!

If you’re ready just to get into doing Clinical Pilates / Exercise with us then please book your private 1:1 session with one of our practitioners.

Self Mastery Open Studio

When we’re not teaching classes, we open up our studio for full self-service access. If you have your own exercise program or are experienced in Pilates the Self Mastery sessions are a perfect way for you to continue your practice, on your own time.

Good Self Integrated Health Reformer Pilates reformers in studio